Monday, June 14

Gratitude for the Bravery of Love

Like so many people, I despair at all the hate in the world sometimes. It just seems so overwhelming. And sometimes it is not the big, grand gestures that help me realign my vision to view the immense amount of love in the world too. But rather the love of regular people doing common things.

I have a favorite show at the moment, Critical Role. It doesn't air on TV but rather online through Geek and Sundry's streaming services. It's a reality fantasy show. (I love that juxtaposition!) Critical Role streams the live Dungeons and Dragons game of eight voice actors. There is so much love in the show. Love for the game. Love for each other. Love for the fans. Love for fun and laughter. It's a bit like getting to watch a party full of friends having a great time together every week.

We get to peek in the dining room window because they are brave enough to share their personal game with the interwebs. And it does take bravery. The internet can be a harsh place filled with complaint and hate. Last night was the climatic end of a year long story thread and the trolls were out in force. Yet, the cast had nothing but love for the game, each other, and the fans. And then the fans came right back spreading words of love and acceptance. It's these moments that renew my hope in humanity and fuel my own energy to get back out there and love more.

Love more!

John Felise @

(They have amazing fan art too. You can find some here and here. I just don't have permission to use any of it.)


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