Thursday, July 29

Gratitude for the Beginning of a New Year

We've nearly reached the end of 2016 and WOW has this year been a doozy for me. My Mom passed away, two of my uncles passed away, I graduated from Seattle University, my family home was sold, and I have been actively working toward better health in spite of my challenging body. And that's just on the personal front to say nothing of the current turmoil in our country.

I refuse to get on the 2016 sucks bandwagon though. This year has been very up and very down in places but I'm pretty sure most of my years have been that way. 2017 will be too. Yet, in the same breath, I am excited to see the passing of the old year and the possibility within the new one just around the corner.

When you look back on 2016, what are you grateful for?

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