Sunday, August 1

Gratitude for Going Vegan Together

Mike and I made a big decision this month. We decide to go vegan. When we first discussed this I wasn't exactly sure what "go vegan" even meant. What I discovered is that it means different things to different people in the fine details but the main idea is philosophical and theological as well as nutritional. It is about lessening suffering in the world. And that is something I have been committed to for quite a while now.

I can't end all suffering. As far as I can understand the world, and I'm not saying I do understand it, no one person, group, or even civilization can end all suffering. So to aim for less suffering is the highest we can humanly aspire to. What I am discovering in this process is that it feels so much more real to work for less suffering in the world in my daily life choices when I am doing so together with my family.

So we are in this process together. And it is a process. We are slowly working our way through our pantry and changing our choices in consuming more than just food too. I don't think veganism is the only way to lessen suffering in the world. I'm not even suggesting that my definition and yours necessarily match completely. I am grateful that Mike's and my veganism match close enough to live together through the changes of becoming more painfully aware of our contributions to suffering and working consciously to change those contributions.

"They told me I could be anything I wanted to be, so I became kind." --Anon

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(I'm sorry this message is getting out a bit late. I am in the process of reorganizing my daily life and that is chaotic at best.)

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