Monday, June 14

Gratitude for Accountability Practices

Today I am going to defer from my usual picture and quote post. I want to talk about something that I am grateful for that ties both into politics and religion. Yes I am grateful for something that is tied into two topics that people would probably NEVER associate gratitude with. Most of you have probably heard this. I am grateful for the folks in the United Methodist Church who brought church charges against Jeff Sessions (of which I got to be apart of). We charged him, under our denominations Book of Discipline, with child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination and "dissemination of doctrines" contrary to those of the United Methodist Church.

Our ultimate goal in doing this is not to have Jeff Sessions expelled from the UMC but that a "reconciling process that will help this longtime member... step back from his harmful actions and work to repair the damage he is currently causing immigrants, particularly families and children." (Quote from the original complaint filed). The reason I am grateful is that a bunch of clergy and laity are standing up for their beliefs and are willing to hold accountable to those who profess those beliefs but do not act on them. In a society where there is little to no accountability for our actions - it is quite refreshing to see fellow United Methodist standing up for children and for standing up against racial discrimination.

I am grateful for a voice that is well over 600+ strong that is screaming we will not tolerate child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination and the oppression of the minorities. We are living out the principles we believe in and are walking the walk. I am grateful that the end goal is not church removal but of a reconciling process. Jeff Sessions is a long-time United Methodist and from personal experience I know what it is like to have that ripped away from you. As I lay my head down tonight and the days to come, Jeff Sessions will be in my prayers that he will realize that his fellow United Methodist siblings are watching out for him in the end. Hopefully, this will spur him into deep thought, self reflection and prayer about his policies and how he lives out his political life.

As always - I am grateful to all of you for reading!

Have a blessed Grateful Friday,

Brian Lee

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