Gratitude for a good laugh!

It's been a busy and stressful Christmas season for me, as I am certain it is for many others. That seems to be the way it goes in this time.  So tonight I took some time off from all that and went to see a play with a good friend.  We saw Sorry Wrong Chimney at a local theatre. I have been tending toward the very serious lately so it was such a great feeling to just relax and really laugh. It is also a fabulous reminder to not take myself so seriously.  Life is too short not to laugh often.

"You have a bunny suit in your closet?" Bill  "Doesn't everybody?" Whole cast

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  1. Samar Saleh said on December 19, 2014
    Indeed, you are right, sometimes when we stop taking life too seriously and rest our heads from thinking we can then find some good time :) Merry Christmas dear

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