Monday, July 26

Gratitude During Hard Times

As I type this blog post on my phone - Friday is almost over. I nearly had forgotten about what day it was! That has been my life lately as my mind is still healing from all I put it through recently.

This Lenten journey has been a difficult one for me and yet I’ve experienced growth and stretching at a rate I’ve never experienced before. I have a wonderful tool that was given to me from enfleshed’s Director M Barclay. Every day I turn over a new card and read it and reflect on it throughout the day. This new practice has been nurturing my wounded and hurting spirit ever since I learned of how the Special General Conference went for my denomination.

This Lenten journey will end on Easter Sunday, which just so happens to be my pastor’s last day at our church. She is taking a renewal leave before moving to her new charge. This has made this Lenten season so much more special and precious.

Tonight I was at the grocery store shopping and when I came out I was greeted with a beautiful deep purple and hues of purple sky. I was so grateful for this beauty thanks to my Lenten journey because it was as if the Divine was telling me that I’m beautifully and wonderfully made as a trans nonbinary bisexual United Methodist no matter what the global legislative body for the UMC declares.

Brian Lee

Photo credit: Brian Lee Kleber

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