Sunday, August 1

Gratitude: A Meaningful Aspect of Life

Hello everyone! I was strolling through Facebook and I came upon my friend M's enfleshed ministry page and was moved when reading it. I message them and ask if I could use the text as quote for this blog post. I got an immediate response saying "Absolutely!" I was so grateful because it provoked deep thought and it was something that I wanted to share with you today.

Here is the quote from the image above:
"Some of the most meaningful aspects of life require pause, slow, the passing of time... in a capitalist society, it takes intentional effort to disrupt patterns of productivity to tend gently to what matters most. Not everyone can "get away" but we can all make a spiritual practice of paying attention to that which easily goes unnoticed - the beauties and delights thriving in our midst."

Wow, powerful right? This quote stirred up in me a lot of gratitude and I will tell you why. I am grateful for the fact that this quote made me think and open my eyes more towards "the most meaningful aspects of life" and what is required "to tend gently to what matters most".  It is so true that in our capitalist society that we are so focused on producing products at all cost we ignore things, the things that matter most in life. Folks, meeting that quota at your job isn't the most meaningful thing at the end of the day.  More often that not - the most meaningful things that need tending to are relationships (friendships, partners, spouses, children, etc) and the people involved in those relationships.

Relationships and people require us to pause, to slow down, and allow the passing of time. It takes a LOT of intentional effort in today's society to disrupt the need to produce on the job in order to tend gently to them. We all cant just give up our jobs or occupations, but we can pick up the spiritual practice of being present and noticing the forgotten. We can decided to leave work early in an effort to make it to our children's soccer game and sow into that most meaningful aspect of our life. Or instead we can take the evening we would've spent working and take a meal to a friend who has just lost and loved one and sit with them in their grief and share in their pain just by being there. Can we put some intentional effort into our gratitude this week for the things that matter most and that go unnoticed in our lives?

This Friday - I am grateful that I was opened up to the fact I need to be aware of the things which easily go unnoticed in my life and calling me to action!

What intentional effort will you be making to show how grateful you are for the things that matter most or that go unnoticed?
How did this quote touch you personally?


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