Wednesday, August 4

Grateful for Grief


Hello my dear precious friends! I am so sorry for there being no blog last Friday, technical difficulties prevented me from writing. I’m sitting here from the comfort of my room writing this. I want to share with you why I am grateful for grief this week.

On July 5th, I lost my friend Demetre Josebeck to an overdose. Only 3 days later, on July 8th, I lost my friend Lauren Graff to the disease of addiction as well. Talk about being slammed all at once & death smacking you in the face, I was broken and still am. I am in the thick of grief & it’s not pretty at all. In fact, it is messy and all over the place.

But I am grateful for grief. Why? Because in active addiction, I would numb my feelings before. Now I can feel these wave of emotions and process them in healthy coping ways. Grief means that I have loved so deeply because I’ve had friendships and relationships with other people. Grief reminds me that I am human and I am alive.

Last week I decided to get a memorial tattoo of a tree of life with the words RIP DEMETRE AND LAUREN. It reminds me that their deaths can be trees of life for someone else. For me it also signifies the first time I’ve grieved deeply enough where I’ve felt the need to memorialize someone.

I pray you are able to maintain gratitude in the hard times including grieving.



Never again, Never Alone,

Brian Lee


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