for gramma k.


i know you to be

but you look at me
from the past
and i wonder
who that
woman was.

you seem

did you know
then who you
would become?

did you have
dreams of
denied to  you
because of the
circumstance of
your birth?

or did you look
towards the future
with a surety
sunday school teacher
were the fulfillment
or your dreams?

your heart is
my heart
your eyes are
my eyes
your hands are
my hands.

we have it

Poetry Potluck @ Jingle Poetry

created for Poetry Potluck


for gramma k.


  1. danroberson said on March 26, 2011
    A great tribute to your grandmother. She would be honored to know you still remember her.
    1. Terri said on March 26, 2011
      Thanks Dan!
  2. trisha said on March 27, 2011
    a beautiful observation. very funny, if we look at our own old photographs we will realize that our faces change with experiences. loved this poem.
    1. trisha said on April 8, 2011
      mine is here:
  3. vivinfrance said on March 27, 2011
    Lovely concept for a poem, and very satisfying result
  4. Sam373 said on March 27, 2011
    A beautiful tribute.
  5. Jingle said on March 28, 2011
    lovely tribe to your grandma, you may forgot to share this one with potluck, A++
  6. Olivia said on March 29, 2011
    What beautiful words Dear! shhhhhh!! I am saving the secret for the right time.. ;) The coming Monday... traalaalaa.. See you soon.. :D
    1. Olivia said on April 3, 2011
      A perfect feature poem Dear!! Thank you so much for honoring us with a perfect theme based play.. what a beautiful ode to our Granny. She sure is a beautiful one!! Hugs xox
  7. thingy said on April 3, 2011
    Oh, she looks so sweet. A lovely tribute, it was.
  8. Baishali said on April 3, 2011
    She is so sweet .... loved reading it. a beautiful tribute.
  9. fiveloaf said on April 3, 2011
    passing the baton my friend.. award for you..
  10. lunawitch15 said on April 3, 2011
    and part of her will live on, through you.
  11. bendedspoon said on April 3, 2011
    My salute for the great tribute and to grandma! :)
  12. how beautiful!!! Sometimes we do have questions left unanswered, I hope you find yours. Enjoy the rally!
  13. seabell said on April 4, 2011
    Great poem about love and continuity... I really enjoyed the reading!
  14. PhotoDiction said on April 5, 2011
    Beautiful ending to the poem - a nice affirmation that we are all parts of those that came before us.
  15. tigerbrite said on April 5, 2011
    Lovely memories. I guess you look like your gramma. Mine was in the Music Hall and played the piano for my grandfather's act.
  16. Jessi Joy said on April 6, 2011
    Lovely picture and a lovely tribute!

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