Monday, June 14

Grace and Peace in the Face of Fear


I had some mountaintop experiences this week. I spent two nights at Camp Bluebird, an adult cancer survivors camp/retreat. I created, played, listened, talked, prayed, and hoped. My own cancer experience was nothing like so many others'--they took part of my right kidney three and a half years ago and from then on, cancer hasn't been a factor in my life at all. Camp Bluebird is the time when I remember that my body received healing, and thank God that He/She/whatever pronoun you're most comfortable with that I lived to tell my own story.

I heard people's stories that weren't as simple. I heard people who didn't know what would come next for them--living or dying. I heard laughter in the face of uncertainty. I saw creative living in the face of fear. I knew God was in that place and with those people, no matter what form that grace might take for them.

On Thursday evening, I spent the evening with Elizabeth Gilbert. I wish my words could convey to you the experience of being given the okay to create whatever I choose to whenever I choose to. I wish I could give you the certainty that even though fear is present in life, that it does not have to control your life or you. I wish I could give some of my Camp Bluebird friends the knowledge that grace and creativity can still drive the car, not the fear of the unknown or even the known.

Two sentences say it all. God loves. God helps.

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