Friday, July 30

God of the Compost

discarding (leaves, apple core, coffee grounds)
sitting (fermenting, turning, changing)
needing (love, care, attention)
leaving (soil, richness, life)

but it sure was
for a

Inspired by Beth Patterson's poem on god at the Virtual Tea House


The God of the compost is interested in a messy cocreation with us.  God can’t do it alone.  Whether we are the composter or the composted, one acts on the other.  Are the composter and God is the raw material?  Or are we the composted and God is turning us?  Maybe it is another case of that post-modern both/and.  We are both acting upon and being acted on.  No fair. 

 If we subscribe to the need for control, it is much easier to be one or the other.  Either mercilessly in control or mercilessly out of control.  That relieves of us much of our responsibility to co-create with self, other, and the divine. 

 Matthew says "Go and make disciples."  I want to read this in a new way:  "Go and co-create."



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