Wednesday, August 4

From sublime to ridiculous

OK…usually I put papers, sermons, and poetry up.  Very little just plain talking.  But this, I had to simply share.  We have had record heat today in Seattle (the sublime).  The temperature has ranged in the area from 102 to 110 depending exactly where you are in the Pac NW.  While driving to pick up teriyaki from Apple Teriyaki in Redmond (they are FABULOUS! and no way am I cooking in the heat!)…I heard an announcement on National Public Radio (NPR) stating that we were under a flash flood watch.  It was complete with the beeps and all the weird sounds that emergency weather conditions come with.  Well, I thought, “I have lost my mind!”  Either the radio folks were nuts or I was audio-hallucinating!  But look at what I got in email today:

Is this ridiculous or what?


Love & Shalom,


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