Thursday, June 24

Freedom in the Penitentiary

freedom in the penitentiary

robin sitting still
between barbs of sharpened steel
her spirit will soar

~dedicated to Janet

As always, it was an incredibly moving time working with the women at WCCW (Washington Correctional Center for Women.)  This time, we could not take in food, so we "had" to eat the prison food (if you wanted to eat).  This in itself was interesting.  Some of it was good, some of it was not so good.

One of the main thrusts of the Kairos program is to help the women work towards forgiveness of self and others AND to provide them with a safe community that they can process in.  That happened this weekend in a powerful and wonderful way.  I am still processing all that I have seen and heard.

This morning, our fearless leader saw a bird sitting on the razor wire that surrounds the institution.  I am continuously struck by the strange beauty of the razor wire when the sun's light is glistening 'just so.'  I wish I could capture it in a photo or in verse, but I just haven't gotten it quite yet.  However,  after being told about the bird and hearing another person's story later in the day, I came up with the Haiku above.  Freedom can be found in the penitentiary.


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