Free to Be

"To set apart one day a week for freedom, a day on which we would not use the instruments which have been so easily turned into weapons of destruction, a day for being with ourselves, a day of detachment from the vulgar, of independence of external obligations, a day on which we stop worshipping the idols of technical civilization, a day on which we use no money, a day of armistice in the economic struggle with our fellow men and the forces of nature— is there any institution that holds out a greater hope for man’s progress than the Sabbath?" - Rabbi Heschel

Free To Be Terri Stewart CC (BY-SA)
Free To Be
Terri Stewart

Heschel, Abraham Joshua (2005-08-17). The Sabbath (p. 16). Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Kindle Edition.

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  1. Curious to the Max said on February 7, 2015
    May every day be a Sabbath day
    1. Terri said on February 8, 2015
      Yes, in some ways that is what I long for.

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