forty years

olive trees planted
fruit to be harvested
forty years have passed

Forty years is a metaphor for a generation passing.
Interestingly, olive trees are often planted by one generation for the next generation to harvest.
Moses and the Jews wandered for 40 years.

olive tree seedling

Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of Acts 7:30-40

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  1. becca givens said on March 9, 2012
    Olive trees play such significance in the history and the Bible ... I like your direction!
    1. Terri said on March 9, 2012
      Yes, I was going for the inter-textual reference to Olive Trees! Great catch.
  2. RainbowMusicWoman said on March 10, 2012
    If you haven't looked at it lately, check out the communion liturgy in the UM Book of Worship for the early part of Lent for references to the number forty. It's interesting I'd love to be doing this, but just didn't feel like I could keep up during Lent. I like the Haiku form and have been using it more, thanks to the February challenge. Thanks for getting me started on that.
    1. Terri said on March 10, 2012
      No worries! There are times to write and times to rest.
  3. terri0729 said on March 10, 2012
    what a lovely comparison!!! Great job Terri
  4. granbee said on March 10, 2012
    We DO harvest the fruits resulting from the work of those who went before us, and walked on that "holy ground"! What a blessing. I enjoyed your haiku emphasizing the olive trees and the forty-year generational length!

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