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Flooding the Streets to Stop Climate Change

Here at, we will be focusing on the climate throughout the week as it leads to the People's Climate March on September 21st. 

Call on the animals to teach you; the birds that sail through the air are not afraid to tell you the truth. Engage the earth in conversation; it’s happy to share what it knows. Even the fish of the sea are wise enough to explain it to you.
~Job 12:7-8, The Voice-a Storyteller's Bible

by Rev. Jenny Phillips

Next weekend, hundreds of thousands of people will fill the streets of New York for the People’s Climate March. It promises to be the biggest-ever march on climate change. At the same time, people in cities around the world, including Seattle and Spokane, will gather for rallies and marches, making this a global mobilization.

Why? The United Nations is holding an emergency summit on climate change. This global crowd of witnesses will demonstrate overwhelming support for responding to the urgency of the climate crisis with bold, swift action. We know that when massive change is required, world leaders only act when everyday people express the desire and create the political mandate to do so.

People of faith must face the uncomfortable, urgent reality that climate change represents. To turn away and ignore it is a failure to love our neighbors, and it dishonors the Divine image in which God created us. We know that huge, irreversible changes to the climate are on the horizon, and we know that these changes will have the greatest impacts on the most vulnerable among us. It is our call and our duty to respond.

The climate events are a chance to serve future generations by claiming the sanctity of the world they will inherit, and by taking a stand to protect it. People of faith will join thousands of other voices at the rallies in Seattle, Spokane, and elsewhere. I pray that your voice will be among them.

If you are in the Northwest, please join United Methodists from around the area for the People's Climate March on Sunday, September 21, 1 pm at the playground at Westlake Park in Seattle or the Farmer's Market at 1:30pm in Spokane. United Methodists will be wearing RED! If you have a ReThink Church shirt, please wear it!

If you are located in another part of the country or the world, you can find the mobilization nearest you at the People's Climate March Web Page.

Whether you are present in body or in spirit, a prayer for September 21:

Creator of All Things,

I praise you for the beauty of the earth,
and weep for the ways in which your creation is suffering.
The climate is at a crossroads, and we must act.
Shake up the world leaders gathering for the United Nations climate summit,
that they may open their ears to hear the millions around the world calling them to care for creation,
and that they may lead us into a sustainable future.
Lord in your mercy, hear this prayer.

Opportunities to donate:

Fossil Free UMC: A movement urging The United Methodist Church to divest from fossil fuels. Note “Fossil Free UMC” in the “honorarium” section. A global, grassroots organization empowering people for climate action.

by Ashley Cecil Oxfam International (CC BY-NC-ND)
by Ashley Cecil
Oxfam International

“It’s hard to feed a family when you can’t farm. For people in rural areas, farming is often their only means of survival. But farming is hard these days because of changing temperatures. I wanted to show that the women have no crops to harvest – just dust and an empty bowl.”

Artists from around the world have painted canvases illustrating the human impact of climate change in their countries. Sixteen of these canvases are being exhibited at the UN Climate Negotiations in Poznan, Poland, from December 1, 2008.

Read more from Ashley.

Credit: Piotr Fajfer / Oxfam International

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