Monday, August 2

Finding Joy in the Possibility of Change: The Harvest

Charles Roffey CC (BY-NC-SA)
Charles Roffey

The Harvest

She spreads her arms
Presiding over
Sugar beets,
Clodden dirt,
Dust devils and
Migrants resting
Backs against her
Bark, biting into
Scarcity with
Joy and thanksgiving

Ruffled winds arrive
Stirring all with
Wonder at what portent
Is announced with the
Upsweep and then the
Downpour of thirst

Harvest delayed as
Torrents howl throwing
Banshees into the distance
Leaving her with arms
Stretched and fingers
Dripping anointed
Waters from above and
Below hallowing

The ground of possibility

~Terri Stewart, 2014

Today, I am veering off the normal course of short reflection and using poetry to hopefully communicate my point of view. I'd love to hear your ideas and responses!  This is partially in response to two writing prompts:

1. Invitation to Poetry at Inner Harvest

2. Writer's Fourth Wednesday at Got Change


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