Thursday, June 24

Finding Joy in a Stranger's Home

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi

Sometimes, I get in my own way of feeling joy. By leaping ahead to what will be or staying behind in what was, I lose the "I-AM-ness" of being present in the now. Feeling and feeding my soul. By being present and mindful of what is, I am more likely to do things from my soul. Which does indeed, move within, like a river or perhaps a cup that is overflowing with joy.

This week, my joyful check-in, where I am thankful for the grace moving, is in the aid of a stranger. We are in another city this week as my son is having surgery here. I wrote to the pastor of a church here, Glide Memorial, and asked her if she could ask her congregation if anybody would put us up for 7-10 days. She wrote back that she'd love to do that!


We have never met. And not only did they offer us their spare bedrooms, they aren't even here. They're at camp. They trusted us, complete strangers, enough to give us the keys to their home.

That is radical, gracious hospitality!

Grace like a river!


by Terri Stewart
by Terri Stewart


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