Wednesday, August 4

Finding Inspiration in Writing Again

Blue Sky by Jordyn Phillips CC (AT-NC)
Blue Sky
by Jordyn Phillips

I've been seeking a way to serve my community, but thought serving most of the time from a wheelchair would make it more difficult to do that. I like knowing what's going on in the world around me and being involved in it, and even though I'm an introvert, thrive on being connected with other people. So being at home without a way to do that other than the computer was starting to get to me. Even when I didn't know I was praying and reaching out to God, a Facebook invitation made me realize that I was missing an obvious opportunity—one that I've ignored over and over in my life.

This blog was looking for Advent meditations focused on preparation. I've loved reading and writing ever since I can remember, and I majored in English (along with psychology) in college, but never really focused on writing anything outside of school and random submissions here and there. Suddenly I felt God's nudging. I could do that. Not only COULD I do that, I was being CALLED to do that. I accepted that call and remembered that I had been offered the chance to blog here. I asked if that offer was still open, and God (and Terri) said yes. I accepted that call too, so I will be your Sunday inspiration blogger. I'm finding my way back to community through sharing my words with you all. Even though we may never meet, I hope we can bring shalom to our different corners of the world through our presence. May we build bridges instead of walls between those not like us. May we remember we're more alike than we are different. Peace be with you.


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