Friday, June 18

Finding Hope Wherever You Can

I read a review copy of a novel called Echoes of Family by Barbara Claypool White this week. It wasn't a spiritual book, but reading it was a spiritual experience.

It tells the story of a British woman who had moved to North Carolina with her family after some painful experiences and a diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder when she was a teenager. Thirty years later, she finds herself back where she started--in the English village where her life began to unravel.

She finds herself back with her childhood best friend and first love Gabriel. Gabriel called her "Nightjar" when they were together which I gathered was some kind of bird I had never heard of. She holds that memory close to her over the years by calling the recording company she starts Nightjar. She wants to give hope to troubled teenagers much like she was by teaching them how music can give you light in whatever darkness you experience.

So I decided to contemplate the song of the nightjar this week. I don't think I had ever heard a song like that before. I think I'm going to keep listening to it. It does make me hope for healing and peace. I hope it speaks to your heart too.

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