Sunday, April 11

Feeling Less Alone in the Midst of Pandemic

"Disabled people were self-isolating before it was cool. "--Brianna Halbers

I've been feeling increasingly less alone since this whole "social distancing" started. Why is that? I tend to think that it's because I'm no longer alone. I'm not the only one looking out at the world while they carry on without us.

I'm sorry that others are uncomfortable with enforced solitude. I'm sorry that it's taken something of this magnitude for people to have some concept of what it feels like to be homebound. I'm sorry that it's taken something like this for people to think inclusively by adding or increasing online components to their work that is intended to build community.

We need community too. We need opportunities to belong to others even if we're alone for whatever reason.

I hope this doesn't last long. But I hope we will remember some of these lessons after it's all over.

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