Monday, August 2

Everything’s All Right


As I sit here at the local library reflecting on gratitude - I am reminded of an event this week that happened to me where a member of my old church verbally attacked me. I reached out to my big brother and that started a ripple effect. See he likes to watch out for and protect me something I haven't had in life. When I told him what happened, my big brother reached out to two of our mutual friends that he knew I respected and went to for council. He knew I needed to be surrounded by friends of like-minded faith and he reacted out of love. That night I spent a LOT of time on Facebook messenger and I received a TON of pastoral care, love, guidance and strength. I walked away with one of them telling me they believed for me that I could hold on. I cried as I typed messages pouring out my heart to those closest to me.

"With a friend at hand you will see the light. If your friends are there then everything's all right." Elton John & Bernie Taupin

My big brother was my friend immediately at hand who then led me to see the light of all my other friends who jumped in to encourage, uplift and counsel me. Even though I felt pain and hurt at the words spoken to me, I knew everything was all right in that moment because all of my friends helped me to see the light. So you see, what I wrote in last week's Gratitude Friday blog - I had to practice. I chose to see the gratitude in a painful experience. Was it easy? Nope! Was it worth it? YES!

I am extremely grateful to my big brother who caused that snowball or ripple effect and I was surrounded virtually by all my friends I needed that night.

This week - I am grateful for deep friendships that abide in love and community for one another where we all look out for and support one another throughout this life journey.

What are you grateful that happened to you this week?

Love, Peace, and Gratitude,


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