Wednesday, June 23


Eternity by Ace Montana


 to hold onto the plane of eternity
within the time and space of reality

requires holding a dove in flight
while we waltz across the light

galloping across a field of gold
and playing pinochle with the old

crossing words with a mischievous crow
tumbling in laughter creating overflow

most of all eternity demands
joining together, holding hands

to see the pregnant possibilities
and cease the misshapen hostilities

then the reign of peace will begin
love, faith, and charity not original sin

eternity will become a sign
of one moment caught with the divine

it happens each moment each day
when we act in love and find a way

to share ourselves with one another
embracing all of our sisters and brothers

Shalom and Amen.

~Terri Stewart, January 2011
Dedicated to Robert Stewart

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings and the writing prompt "eternity."  (Bet that's a surprise!  😛 )


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