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gold, frankincense, myrrh

Touch Up from the Londonist
From the Londonist

Gold, frankincense, myrrh.
WMD, Armani, personal chef.

~Terri Stewart
January, 2011
A Small Stone

This is not a commentary on Jesus, it is a commentary on what we, and the magi, think a leader/teacher/prophet needs.  The magi brought worldly things to this baby who did not need worldly things.  It is as if they brought what they would want.  Isn't that what always happens?  What we say and do almost always says more about us than it says about you, or whomever. 

I began wondering, putting myself in the body or mind of a present-day king/leader, what would I want?  First, if I were many crazy dictators, I want nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction.  Second, these folks seem to almost all be men dressed in expensive suits.  Third, and this was the most difficult thought, I want something to show my personal status.  So a personal chef, at least.  A personal chef would also fill the palace/white house/home with fragrances. 

So, I really wonder what magi would bring today?  What do you think?  What do we think kings want?


  • dan

    First, a good woman. Behind every good man (or leader) there should be a good woman. Or reverse the roles should the leader be a woman.
    Second, a few trusted bodyguards. Many prophets, leaders, etc., were assassinated,(sometimes by the bodyguard)
    Third, a few men and women of wisdom and vision. I make too many mistakes on my own.
    Fourth, an accountant to tabulate all the riches the country has to bring in to keep everyone satisfied (not possible).
    Fifth, the chef and royal taster. Still think someone will get me.

    I don’t want the job. I’m stressed out already.

  • Well, I would go back to the original gifts and their symbolism:
    GOLD: wealth, something to trade; I would like to have valuable gifts of mind and spirit to contribute to the world in return for all the wonderful gifts the world gives me.
    FRANKINCENSE: incense, medicinal/used for treating depression: I would like the gift of a steady spirit, always on the light side, able to handle both the impermanence of life and the fallibility of human with equanimity, not inclined to either depression or repression.
    MYRRH: medicinal, heals wounds and inflammation; I would like to have the gift of healing pain and anger, fear and resentment.

    Good post. Good exercise. Kudos to you.

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