Monday, June 14

Empathy and the Incarnation

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”
John 1:14, NIV

“Empathy is feeling with people… a kind of sacred space when someone is… in a deep hole… and we climb down [and say], “Hey I know what it’s like down here and you’re not alone”
Brené Brown, RSA talk, Youtube

I've been reading some things this holiday season about how some people don't celebrate Christmas at the usual time of December 25. I know that the origin of that date came from some pagan festival and Jesus was more likely born in warmer weather.  But I still celebrate it now because of the symbolism that the Incarnation is. It isn't really that important WHEN Jesus was born. It is important THAT Jesus was born. God/Goddess became man so that He/She could experience life from our perspective. That's a pretty big honking deal.

It took vulnerability for that to happen. It takes that kind of vulnerability for anyone to learn empathy. We had the best Teacher. Maybe we can carry that lesson out in our lives.

Christ came--whenever He came--for us. Thank you, God, for such a wondrous gift.

Merry Christmas to everyone reading. May you be blessed in whatever way you ask.



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