Monday, June 14

Embracing My “You”ness

                                                                                                                  (image credit: Purposeful Gratitude)

Today I am grateful for the clergy and seminarians in my life that have helped me with a question that I've really been struggling with internally. That question is one a lot of us ask but it felt unique to me... "Why Did Goddess create me trans and non-binary?" I had a chance to ask one seminarian and 4 clergy people. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by queer clergy and seminarians that can help me reconcile my faith in Goddess and my trans identity.

Today I am grateful for the fact I've been intentionally created by the Goddess Herself. Not necessarily to be trans but to challenge rigid binaries that are used to sow hatred and defend unjustifiable violence. I'm grateful that my existence as a trans non-binary person challenges me to look beyond my immediate tribe of birth for my queer tribe, but also challenges my birth and friend tribe to recognize the importance of searching, finding others, and coming to understand those that they find. I'm grateful that I can use being trans and non-binary to show the world what a healthy tribe looks like.

Today I am grateful for the fact that since coming out as trans and specifically non-binary the fierce love I've received within the queer community. It has shown me how to love so fiercely its like love is a fire through out my bones that is never extinguished. If my love fire is about to go out - I've got my queer tribe to fan the flames back to life and to tend to the fire until I can. I'm grateful that my trans-ness and non-binaryness doesn't have to have purpose behind it but that through Goddess I can make meaning out of it. Goddess created my healthy queer tribe to help assist me in making meaning out of it all.

Today I am grateful for being a little bit different than the rest of the world. With being trans and non-binary - I have learned that what most humans basically want, desire, and need is this fierce unconditional love and acceptance. I tried to spread that fierce love to all who I meet. I've found that I'm meant to be a voice to the voiceless and a face to the faceless. I'm meant to be proud of who I am to be a beacon of light to my queer and non-queer siblings.

How are you grateful for your "you"ness and being different in the world?

Brian K

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