Wednesday, August 4

Dreaming in the Round

DreamwheelMy friend Lisa Rough uses Dreamwheels for putting what she wants in life in visual form. This process invokes the power of vision boarding in combination with the form of the mandala.

This picture is a Dreamwheel I put together last December around the time of the Winter Solstice. These were my hopes and dreams going into the year 2015.

Looking back in this first week of September, I realize that my year hasn't gone anything like I hoped it would. I knew things wouldn't live up to the dream, but I expected that I could see some forward moment. Instead I've been ill, been fairly housebound for most of the year, and even had surgery.

I'm putting this Dreamwheel back into the Universe. There's still almost 4 months left in the year. I know that good things can still come to me. I deserve those things. Even if I don't get everything I hope for, I still deserve to live the dreams I put on this Dreamwheel. My life won't end (I hope) at the end of 2015. Neither will my dreams.




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