Friday, June 18

Thoughts from Dr. Brian Swimme, Mathematical Cosmologist

There were some wonderful sharings today especially by Dr. Brian Swimme.

Dr. Brian Swimme, internationally known mathematical cosmologist. Graduate faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California, USA. Scientific perspective and understanding enhance his awe of the Source of Life with palpable appreciation in his presentations. His central concern is the role of the human within the larger earth community.

 "Universe is a synonym for story."

"At one time, the earth had the power to give life. The eart, if it lost life, could not now recreate life."

"The hum of life is being snuffed out."

"We are in a time of major change that coincides with a time of major denial."

"The fundamental religious story blocks out the news. The fundamental religious story we have bought into is one of material progress. We have built a civilization around material progress."

"We must have the ability to deconstruct a maladaptive spirituality that we all grew up with and is governing our governments and corporations and is supported by our churches."

"We are in a simultaneous moment of death and birth."

My summary... We are moving from the industrial era to the ecozoic era. In the industrail era, the earth is a resource there for our use. In the ecozoic era, earth will be communities of life that the human is invited to join. The earth becomes a community of relatives rather than a resource. The idea that fossil fuels which power our civilization will be gone within 200 years. So in 200 years, if something incredibly new doesn't happen, there will be a mass extinction because we are so fossil fuel oriented. Scientists think only "about 2 billion" people will survive. We cannot produce enough wind or solar energy to power the cars in America today much less all the power that is needed to run the world.

The random thought that I had listening to him was that this sounds biblical, i.e. revelations. Sort of. Given that Revelation to John is full of allegory and metaphor, it is hard to pin down. But it totally sounds like the ending of a way of life and the coming of a new way. The Kingdom to come. So, if we think of the Kingdom of God as perfect unity with God. And if we think of God as involved with everything. Then the world as relative seems to fit the idea of the Kingdom of God. Hmmm. I will have to do some thinking about this. It makes my head hurt. 😉

What are your thoughts?

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