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Disciple Bible Study: Week 9

I’m participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive. For five days, we have different readings.  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture. Well, an attempt at a close reading.

Week 9 Theme:  Security

1 Samuel 1-7

1:5             Elkanah loved Hannah even though she was barren.  Nice of him to rise above it.

1:28           Samuel was lent to the Lord

2:11-17      Pericope:  Eli's Wicked Sons.  Just reinforces the wisdom that preacher's kids are a bit wild!  (Also Samuel's sons later, 8:3)

2:22           The sons have sex with women at the entrace to the tent of meeting.  Can we say, "temple prostitute?"

3:1             Samuel is "ministering to the Lord."  I think that is something to think about.  What does it mean to minister to the Lord?

3:16           "Here I am." Makes me think of Mary.  Such straight forward answers to a call.

6:14           These cows do the work of God bringing the ark back to the Israelites and their reward is to be offered as a sacrifice?  Poor cows.

7:3-4          Stay away from Astartes and Baal.  This keeps coming up!  Short memories for these folks.  Especially Astartes.  Women need a feminine image of the divine.

7:15           Samuel is a circuit rider! (see historical Weslayanism)

1 Samuel 8-10; 12-13; 14:47-20:42; 31

9:2             Saul was hot.

9:7             Saul seems to have a good heart.  Going to see Samuel and is concerned about bringing him a present.

9:9             Saul's servant boy seems smarter than Saul.

9:9             Noticing that the prophet is called a seer.  I think that is a word to think about.

9:16           God is still listening to the Israelites and noticing their suffering even thought they rejected God and want a king.

9:21           Saul seems humble

10:1           How startled would you be if somebody randomly anointed you?

10:22         Saul is hiding among the baggage.  I am guessing he didn't actually want to be king.  I kind of feel sorry for him.

12:2           Samuel again says, "Here I am."

13:12         Saul "forces" himself to make an offering.  Why does Saul get in trouble for doing something that both David and Solomon do?

15:15         Saul lying about the killing/not killing of the Amelekites.  Uh-oh.

15:24         Saul blames the people just like Aaron did with the golden calf.

15:33         Wow!  Samuel takes care of Agag.  (A – gagging moment).

16:14         God is the author of the evil spirit.  God creates evil.  On purpose.

17              David kills Goliath.  There seems to be some funny clothing stuff going on.  He puts on Saul's armor and takes it off, going into battle with his staff, 5 stones, and his sling (17:40).  Then, suddenly, he has a sword (17:51) and armor (17:54).

19:5           Isn't it ironic that Jonathan says to Saul, about Saul's murderous intentions towards David, "why then will you sin against an innocent person by killing David without cause?"  Umm.  What about Uriah, Bathsheba's husband?

19              There is some odd temporal things happening.  Not everything seems quite in order.  In both 19:24 and 10:12, it says, "it is said, "Is Saul also among the prophets?"  I'm not 100% sure the David/Saul story is presented linearly.

20:15         What a wondrous relationship Jonathan and David have.  No wonder some have hypothesized that they were in a relationship.  Is there any other example of a man-to-man relationship where the man is saying, "never dut off your faithful love from me"?

31:2           Sad that everybody died, including Jonathan.

2 Samuel 11:1-19:8; 21-24

11:5           I will always wonder how much consent Bathsheba gives.

12:24         David "consoled" Bathsheba.  Uh-huh.

13:15         After raping Tamar, Amnon hated Tamar.  Of course the woman would be to blame.

13:20         And Absalom says, "don't take this to heart."  Like it is no big thing?  Ugh.

14:25         Noticing that Saul, David, and Absalom are all praised for their good looks.

15:30         David goes up the Mount of Olives.  Remember this when reading stories about Jesus.   Especially when talking about replacement theology.

16:21         Absolom wants to have sexual relationships with his father's wives (concubines).  That is against levitical law if I recall correctly.

18:9           It almost sounds like Absolom was lynched.  This is just weird.

23:38         Uriah the Hittite was among David's 37.  Umm.  That is Bathsheba's husband.  What?

24:25         David makes burnt offerings.  This is what got Saul into trouble.  David doesn't get into trouble!

1 Kings 1-3; 4:20-8:66

1:6             Another handsome man.  Why have I never noticed the obsession with appearances?

2:19           I am impressed by how Solomon cares for Bathsheba and shows her respect.

Random    I just want to say that Solomon appears to have issues with "enough."  He has a lot of women, even so many as to say that it was not healthy.  He has an obsession with elaborate, ornate paloaces.  He basically enslaves his own people.  And he gets in trouble for weakening in hiw old age and honoring his wives gods?  Really?

6:22           Overlaid with gold because gold is perfect.  Hmm.  Really?

8:1             I believe that the liturgy and opening of the Temple in chapter 8 must have been a wondrous day.

1 Kings 9-12

12              Jeroboam shares some traits with Moses.

12:2           They are both from Egypt

12:11         The leaders make the Israelite's burden heavier after the hero interferes.

12:18         A person is murdered.  One by Moses, the other by the followers of Jeroboam (all of Israel)

12:28         A calf of gold is made.

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