Thursday, June 24

Disciple Bible Study: Week 4, Reading 1

I’m participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive. For five days, we have different readings.  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture. Well, an attempt at a close reading.

Week 4 Theme:  Covenant

Week 4, Reading 1:  Genesis 12-13, 14:17-17:27


  • 12:2-3 - Abram is a blessing.  AND in Abram, all families of the earth will be blessed.  Those are some big promises!
  • 12:4 - Why take Lot?
  • 12:7 - promise to give offspring the land
  • 12:10-20 - about Abram/Sarai/Pharoah.  Sarai must've been hot and Abram is a pimp.  Just sayin.'
  • 12:10 - famine prefigures Joseph's story?
  • 12:8-18 - Abram and Lot separate
  • 12:12 - Abram settles in Canaan.  Reminiscent of Ham.
  • 12:13 - prefiguring Sodom and Gomorrah
  • 12:15 - land is promised to Abram and the offspring
  • 14:20 - king 'worships' Abram and Abram 'tithes' to the king and the king 'blesses' Abram.  Huh??
  • 15:10-11 - cut all the animals in half and laid them against the other.  ???  sounds like they were cut in half long ways and then laid back on top of each other.  what?  why?
  • 15:12-12 - prefiguring move to Egypt and enslavement of the people
  • 15:18 - God makes another promise with Abram about the land and giving the land to Abram's descendants.  So, God needs to make up God's mind!  Does Abram get the land or not?  (Well, we know the answer...)
  • 16:5-6 - Sarai is mean and Abram is indifferent to Hagar.  No wonder this story is used among womanist liberation theologians.
  • 16:9 - Really?  God is returning Hagar to the abuse?  Boo!
  • 16:10-1 - Great!  Promises to Ishmael.  But then a curse too.  Boo!
  • Note on the names.  Abram means exalted ancestor and Abraham means exalted ancestor of multitudes.  (study Bible notes).
  • 17:4 - Again a promise of land to Abraham and to his offspring.
  • 17:9 - God tells Abraham, "you shall keep my covenant" - circumcision is the sign.  What is Abraham's role in the covenant?  Having children?
  • 17:18 - Abraham laughed first.  Not Sarah.
  • 17:18 - Abraham asking God to give the covenant to Ishmael?  Maybe Abraham didn't want any more kids!
  • 17:20 - Blessing with Ishmael
  • 17:21 - Covenant with Isaac
  • BUT!! Ishmael receives the circumcision and is therefore part of the covenant of "every male among you shall be circumcised?"  No?

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