Wednesday, June 23

Disciple Bible Study: Week 10, Reading 5

I’m participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive. For five days, we have different readings.  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture. Well, an attempt at a close reading.

Week 10 Theme:  God Warns the People

Readings:  Isaiah 1-7, Jeremiah 2


Isaiah 1-7

  • 1:8 – I wonder if this is a reference to the Festival of Booths?  And, what about these cucumber fields?
  • 1:15-17 – learn to do good, seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, and plead for the widow.  G*d is very, very clear.
  • 1:21-23 – Jerusalem is compared to a whore—why? She does not "defend the orphan and the widow's cause."
  • 2:8 – Regarding idol worship:  "they bow down to the work of their hands…"  Oh yeah.  Just like most of us.  What we make is what we worship.  Especially when we make money.
  • 3:17 – just plain disturbing.
  • 5:4 – somebody needs to teach me about grapes and wild grapes.
  • 5:7 – the metaphor is spelled out exactly.  Vineyard – Israel, Plantings = People of Judah (Southern Kingdom).
  • 5:14 – the upper class is going down!
  • 6:8 – "Here I am." (Now Samuel, Mary, Isaiah) using the same words.

Jeremiah 2

  • 2:13 – Again, spelled out clearly the sins of Israel.  (1) they have forsaken me and (2) done their own work with their own hands
  • 2:21 – G*d planted a "choice vine" and they turned it into a wild vine
  • 2:35 – Another clear indicator:  "I am bringing you to judgment because you said "I have not sinned."  Sounds like our political leaders, especially the ones claiming righteousness.

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