Monday, June 21

Disciple Bible Study: Week 10, Reading 1

I’m participating in Disciple Bible Study, a 34 week intensive. For five days, we have different readings.  I have decided to document my initial noticings from a close reading of the scripture. Well, an attempt at a close reading.

Week 10 Theme:  God Warns the People

Readings:  1 Kings 16:29-19:18


    • 16:29 – Ahab reigning over Israel
    • 16:31 – significant that Ahab is compared to Jeroboam who was the leader of the Northern Kingdom
    • 16:31 – marries Jezebel (and I wonder how many other wives!)
    • 17 – Elijah leaves because G*d tells him to.  Will be fed by the ravens.  Then by the widow.  I am wondering if this is a metaphor for G*d's relationship with Israel.  The prophets/G*d leaves the land and are barely kept alive but return and bring life anew to Israel, the bride/widow's children?
    • 18:17 – Ahab didn't much like Elijah
    • 18:20 – Calls out Israel for following two G*d's
    • 18:31 – Elijah takes 12 stones to create the fire.  The widow feeds Elijah / the twelve feed the fire / G*d returns
    • 19 – But Jezebel is still around and she is pissed!
    • 19:11-12 – A very favorite verse.  G*d is in the sheer silence.  How counter-cultural!
    • 19:18 – A remnant left in Israel.  Those who have no worshiped / intermingled with the Baal-worshipers like those Northern tribe people!

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