Homeless Mother and Baby
Homeless Mother and Baby by John McCabe

pushed to the margins
like penguins on the ice flow
in danger of slipping into
death-dealing waters.

The danger of being ___________.

Another Small Stone

Among the findings reported in America's Youngest Outcasts: State Report Card on Child Homelessness:

  •  1 in 50 children in America are homeless.
  •  1.5 million children are homeless each year.
  •  Of the 2.3 to 3.5 million Americans who are homeless each year, 34% are families.

 These numbers are likely to grow as the economic recession worsens and escalating housing foreclosures increase.

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  1. dan said on January 27, 2011
    To the brink and back, again and again, finding no one who cares, not one friend, Should we pass them by? Those who have much find their own brinks, and they are tested on how they think, love of money and things, or content with whatever choices God brings.
    1. Terri said on January 27, 2011
      Deep appreciation. To compound matters, there are many types of brinks and we are slow to see the brinks of others.

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