Monday, June 14

Dear John,

First a little piece of information.  The name "Nicodemus" is Ancient Greek.  It is essential the equivalent to "John Doe" in our vernacular.  It is a symbolic name for every person. 

a letter arrives
bearing news of great import
"be born from above"

crumpled paper

Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of John 3:1-13

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  • Our minister preached on this very scripture selection yesterday! He carried us from the time when Nicodemus visited Jesus at night, too frightened to be seen with him in the daytime, through to the time when Nicodemus defended Jesus( saying he had a right to be heard before judgment) before the Sanhedrin–then to the time Nicodemus assisted Joseph of Arimethea in taking Christ’s body from the cross, preparing it for burial and then carrying it to the tomb owned by Joseph of Armimethea! So neat to learn that the name Nicodemus was Greek for John Doe and so is the model for us all! Wonderful meditation here, Terri!

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