Darkness: Harbinger of Light


  1. charlesmashburn said on January 2, 2012
    Powerful words, and very true. Nice write! http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/12/31/one-day-at-a-time/
    1. Terri said on January 2, 2012
      Thank you very much!
  2. ~L said on January 2, 2012
    best poem I read today! so short but pulled me right in!!! ~L
    1. Terri said on January 2, 2012
      Thank you so much!
  3. booguloo said on January 3, 2012
  4. Kay Salady said on January 4, 2012
    Nothing is absolute. I love it!
  5. Taylor said on January 11, 2012
    powerful message sent, thanks for sharing.
  6. Taylor said on January 25, 2012
    enjoy your talent a great deal, smiles. Incredible imagery! Hope all is well, Appreciated your support along the way, Welcome sharing a random piece with us today, You rock. Keep it up. xoxox
  7. welcome sharing with us today. keep up the excellence.

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