Monday, June 21

Dancing Through Depression


I've had some highs this week and some really low lows. I'd like to blame it on the mid-January blahs, and maybe that's part of it. I've never appreciated this time of year. I grew up in the South. It's just after Christmas, and the little bit of snow we might get to brighten up what is typically a cold, dreary, and rainy winter didn't usually come until sometime in February (this is before the polar vortex and global warming, of course). So January had nothing much to recommend it. And quite honestly, it still doesn't, even though today the skies in western North Carolina were a brilliant, cloudless blue.

My body and mind just wants to curl up and hibernate. When I feel this way, my state of mind doesn't lend itself easily to inspiring myself, much less you all. So I went to Google Images--I was curious--and typed in inspiration. I started to scroll through the pictures and found the above picture. It's called Inspired by Matisse, and it was drawn by someone named Shelly.  I guess I had seen the cutout it was inspired by before--that cutout is called Icarus. But her version made me think of dancing through depression or with depression. If it's an image that calls to you today, dance, my friend, dance.

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  • When I feel similarly to what you describe I label it in French – “Ennui” –
    (“a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom”)

    It makes me feel more “cosmopolitan” rather than depressed!

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