Wednesday, June 16

Daily Prayer: Twenty Minutes of Silence

This morning I am reminded of the power of sitting silently. The Center for Action and Contemplation had an online silent prayer event. Literally, 500 people with an open feed sitting silently together. There is power in that restraint. I quickly realized how "not quiet" the quiet was. Birds chirping. Raindrops falling. Cars in the background. And so on.

And yet. I was still.

You can start your meditation with the below chant and then enter into the 20 minutes of silent meditation / prayer. Feel free to substitute another chant. When you are done, remember the silence. The stilling. Hold it with you throughout the day. See if it makes a difference for you.


Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know.

Be still.



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