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Daily Practice for 2016.01.24


I am focusing on using people's vision words for 2016 for a few daily prayers. Today, I am using "simplify" from Angie to guide my selections. If you share your word, I will use it over the next few days!

Simplify, to me, means to remove non-essentials. Simplify, in mathematical terms, means to reduce to the smallest common denominator. So we have 2/3 rather than 10/15. What would life be like if we reduced our activities to the smallest human common denominators? What if we have an equation that is:


What does it mean to simplify and reduce so that the quotient of your life is love?



Let my heart rise up to meet mercy, my voice to meet compassion, my hands to meet action.

BIBO: Breath In, Breath Out--sigh



Simplify, by Marina and the Diamonds

I am trying to rectify
Habits that clog up my mind
No time to be meek and mild
Live simply like a child


Simplicity by Emily Dickinson



How happy is the little stone
That rambles in the road alone,
And doesn't care about careers,
And exigencies never fears;
Whose coat of elemental brown
A passing universe put on;
And independent as the sun,
Associates or glows alone,
Fulfilling absolute decree
In casual simplicity.

Sacred Text 

Micah 6:8
2 Corinthians 1:12
Psalm 131

Please bring your own sacred readings to the daily pattern. Those selected here are chosen from the Christian scripture cycle of daily readings, the Daily Lectionary, at commontexts.org

Sacred Quotable

"In the outer life, simplicity is beautiful. In the inner life, simplicity is invincible." -- Sri Chimnoy



For the oppressed and weary
Especially for #blacklivesmatter and
for the LGBTQIAP community.
For signs of despair and violence,
again, for those in the blizzards in the US, especially the homeless
for those in Tunisia facing unemployment
for the sixth mass shooting in the US in 2016, occurring in Los Angeles, CA  
for US victims of gun violence in the last 72 hours, 200 incidents, 63 killed, 106 injured
For signs of hope and peace,
for the gay rights rally in Italy 
for the Virginia jeep club that took nurses to work in the snowstorm
for the outpouring of water donations to Flint, Michigan 
for those seeking simplicity, especially Angie
For Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey
For those who suffer, are homeless, or are sick
For those we love, those we hate and those we are indifferent to
For the transformation from ME to WE

Let peace prevail on earth.
So may it be.

News Notes:

Mass shooting resource
Wars in the World
Prayer cycle of the world's countries
Good news

Lord’s Prayer

Translation by Neil Douglas Klotz, Sufi

O Birther! Creator of the Cosmos,
Focus your light within us— make it useful:
Create your reign of unity now-
Your one desire then acts with ours,
as in all light, so in all forms.
Grant what we need each day in bread and insight.
Loose the cords of mistakes binding us,
as we release the strands we hold
of others’ guilt.
Don’t let surface things delude us,
But free us from what holds us back.
From you is born all ruling will,
the power and the life to do,
the song that beautifies all,
from age to age it renews.
Truly— power to these statements—
may they be the ground from which all
my actions grow: Amen.

May Peace Prevail on Earth. Amen. So mote it be.

2016 01 24

"Amen" means "may it be so."
"May peace prevail on earth." is an addition inspired by Michael Dickel 
BIBOLove is an addition attributed to the work of Soyinka Rahim, InterPlay practice, BIBOLove

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