Daily Practice

Spiritual practices are an ancient tradition dating back 25,000 years at least! The first labyrinth we know of was created about then. We have always sought a closer connection to all that is. In our contemporary circumstance, we have few practices that ground us with our history and with our future. Here, in daily practices, we borrow from the past where a pattern of daily spiritual practices was developed but we pull it forward into the context of our contemporary life.

Daily Practice 2017.10.18

Meditation Yesterday, a friend posted this on Facebook: “PSA: There are no “white” people in the Bible. The closest to […]

daily-practice daily-prayer prayer racism ritual spiritual-practice whiteness

Daily Practice for 2107.10.17

Meditation The “Me Too” campaign has worn me out. If you don’t know, the Me Too Campaign was an effort […]

metoo daily-practice daily-prayer daily-ritual female-bodies it-is-all-tragic male-bodies prayer ritual sexual-assault spiritual-practice

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