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Spiritual practices are an ancient tradition dating back 25,000 years at least! The first labyrinth we know of was created about then. We have always sought a closer connection to all that is. In our contemporary circumstance, we have few practices that ground us with our history and with our future. Here, in daily practices, we borrow from the past where a pattern of daily spiritual practices was developed but we pull it forward into the context of our contemporary life.

Daily Practice 2017.08.18 – Embodying the Story

…Playback, like many theatre forms,  is both a style and a disciple, and one can go to Playback school, an activity I heartily condone. Although Playback aims to create decolonized spaces, here in the US it is haunted by the same ghosts and challenges that confront most of North American theatre: there are remarkably few Indigenous people and people of color in the Playback world, and few people with disability…

daily-practice daily-prayer prayer ritual spiritual-practice

Daily Practice 2017.08.16 – This is Theater!

Questioning your identity provides for growth. If you are co-identified with whiteness, money, and sexual conquest, then your identity is shattered when these are undercut. When whiteness is revealed to be a cardhouse built on shifting ground, when the economy rumbles and tanks, when folks are sexually rejected, then that old humiliation rises up and the only way to compensate for humiliation and lack of solid identity is to burrow deeper into unstable ground. In leadership theory, the process of change is kind of like a swamp. You move forward through the swamp with difficulty. But those folks who can’t take the identity challenge, run back to the stable ground that they just left. There, they are left behind and they are replaced.

daily-practice daily-prayer prayer ritual spiritual-practice

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