Monday, August 2

Cultivating Gratitude and Joy is the Way Home

I have been reading Brene Brown and she makes a lot of sense! Leading a life away from scarcity into abundance requires the careful cultivation of joy, gratitude, and mindfulness--all core values of the community. She says, "When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding.” Being mindful allows us to stay in the moment, avoiding foreboding. Practicing gratitude allows us to stay in the positive. Practicing these together, leads to greater joy.

A life of scarcity is not really what we imagine when we imagine having scarce resources. A life of scarcity is living as if you will not have enough money, food, and other resources regardless of the actuality. It leads to living a life of greed and wanting more. Enough never even enters the equation.

What would your life be like if you rejected the culture of scarcity and embraced enough?

What would it be like to lean into joy wholeheartedly rather than with forboding?

by Alice Popkorn CC (BY-NC-ND)
by Alice Popkorn

Shalom and Amen!


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