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A Prayer of Confession Before Christmas

An additional offering today from Rev. Mark Sandlin of

Prayer of Confession for the Sunday Before Christmas

Good and gracious God,

With Christmas just days away
we sometimes find ourselves
caught up in the “things” of the season.
As the presents continue to pile up
under the tree,
we can't help but notice
the balance in our bank accounts
heading in the opposite direction.

We come before you now and confess
that we get distracted during this season.
We confess that we sometimes lose our focus
and let the giving and receiving of presents
become the focus of our Christmases.

We get caught up in the consumerism
and begin to believe that
our satisfaction,
our happiness,
indeed, our ability to have and to share love,
are all tied up in what we give
and what we get.

Giving God,
pull back the veil which hides from us
the reality that consumerism
doesn't refer to the products and goods
which we consume with our cash,
but rather it is our own lives
which get consumed
when we let
what we give
and what we get
define our

Teach us a better and higher way,
loving God.
Teach us that true satisfaction
comes from a larger love -
a love that includes more than just
our loved ones,
a love that includes
YOUR loved ones –
a love that includes everyone.
Inspire us towards better and more loving ways
to celebrate the birth of the one
who came to show us what love looks like
and came to share that love with everyone.


(c) 2009 by Marc Reil Gepaya Creative Commons License 2.0
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(c) 2009 by Marc Reil Gepaya
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