Thursday, August 5

Where You Go (an Advent Reflection)

by Deborah Globus
by Deborah Globus

15 So she said, “See, your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and to her gods; return after your sister-in-law.” 16 But Ruth said,

“Do not press me to leave you
or to turn back from following you!
Where you go, I will go;
where you lodge, I will lodge;
your people shall be my people,
and your God my God.
17 Where you die, I will die—
there will I be buried.
May the Lord do thus and so to me,
and more as well,
if even death parts me from you!”

18 When Naomi saw that she was determined to go with her, she said no more to her.


Post 16 in the Crystallize Meaning through Creativity: An Advent Event
Scripture: Ruth 1:15b-18
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Deborah Globus is non-denominational minister, wife and mother of two.  A longtime spiritual seeker, she now delights in helping others navigate their inner landscapes with a wide variety of practices including ritual and ceremony, journaling and creative expression.  You can visit her site and learn more about her at


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