Thursday, July 29

Creative Reflections for Advent

I am thinking of having a creative reflections for Advent program run on the blog.  Would you be interested in sharing creative reflections based upon scripture chosen around Advent themes?  I will probably be using Haiku, but any creative response is encouraged!

Advent is the 4 weeks prior to Christmas (Yes, Christmas STARTS Dec. 25 while Advent starts four weeks prior to Christmas.  Christmas then runs for two weeks until epiphany. Oh, the joys of the church calendar.)

Anyway, I digress.  Advent is the 4 weeks prior to Christmas in which we anticipate and prepare ourselves in a joyful way for the new thing that is going to happen in the world.  The question is:

Will you join me on the Advent journey?
If the answer is yes, I'll get a Mr. Linky thing going and we can all work together. Just let me know!

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Glitter Text Generator

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