Wednesday, August 4

Creative Moment: The Mustard Plant

One day, a small mustard plant started growing in the faithful farmer's field. When the farmer saw it, he pulled it out and threw it to the side. Then the sabbath came and he rested from working in the fields. But that mustard plant didn't rest! It's roots were deep and it sprouted and grew back three times as big as it originally was!

When the farmer came back from his sabbath rest, he worked in another part of the field and didn't notice that the mustard plant was growing and taking over the northern part of his crop. By the end of the week, that mustard plant was 9 times as big as it was just six days ago!

The farmer was torn! He had to tend to his crops but he had to get rid of the mustard plant too. It was now big enough that birds were living in the branches. Those birds would spread the seeds of the mustard plant far and wide if the farmer allowed the plant to stay and the birds to live there. He couldn't have that! So the farmer removed the nests and went back to tending his crops.

Another week passed. The faithful farmer was becoming very annoyed with the mustard plant. It was trying to take over the entire north end of his crops! But at this point, there was little the farmer could do. The birds had moved back in and were dropping the seeds everywhere and little mustard plants were beginning to crop up all over. Plants were growing willy nilly all over the place, defying even the best planner's attempt to predict where the plants would sprout. It was like trying to put out a wildfire with damp towel. It simply wasn't working.

Soon, the mustard plant was so big that the crops in the field wouldn't grow any more. The faithful farmer decided that fighting against the mustard plant was the wrong strategy. Instead of growing the old crop, he decided to harvest the mustard seed, grind it, and become a merchant of spices—joining forces with the mustard plant rather than working against it.

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