Monday, June 21

Connecting to the Earth through Poetry: No Martyrs in Nature

Please enjoy this guest offering from Rachael Eve Maddox. Rachael is a fantastic life coach. You can find her here. What would our poetry be if the words did not have the connection to the earth that we can experience?

by Rachael Eve Maddox

"The tongue is the organ of taste
and also the organ of speech,"
said John O'Donohue

What is the flavor
of the words we don't say?
What is the taste of repression?
What is the sensation
of freedom
of tongue?

I've watched a thousand butterflies
explode from the back of my throat
out the tips of my teeth
into the quilt of sky and trees

I've felt the gong
inside my lungs
the gong of emptiness
the gong of emptied-it-all out
the rippling quiet joy

and I've tasted the hunger of holding back
the withheld lion's claw
waiting for some antelope to surrender
feed my hallow courage

I've learned there are no martyrs in nature--
Who would sacrifice its life to feed my fear?

I must hunger
for the taste of my own depths!
I must hunt myself down
puncture my silence--

Here at, we will focus on the climate throughout the week as it leads to the People’s Climate March on September 21st.

by Paula Bailey (CC BY-NC-ND)
by Paula Bailey

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