Sunday, August 1

Come to the Water…For Those Tears I Died

I'm going to share with you one of my favorite new books. The Jesus Movement was slightly before my time, but I sang "For Those Tears I Died" at Bible studies in the early 1980's. The song stuck in my mind for years until I rediscovered Marsha Stevens as a Christian lesbian musician at a concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, somewhere between 2002-2004.

I've been following her on Facebook for several years, but very rarely does anything from her actually make it through to my news feed. That is until the night I saw that she had written a book that had been released on Kindle that day. I immediately went and bought it and started to read. I'm glad I read it on Kindle, because I could easily highlight meaningful passages that I probably wouldn't have in a hard copy. (I'm a nerd that way.) I played the music of hers I could find on Youtube while I was reading it.

I felt like I had read the story of a good friend when I was done. I hurt when I saw what she had been through, but she writes about it in a way that shows that she is a loving person who truly knows the God she follows. I had kind of quit thinking about her over the years, but God knew I needed this book right now. It's funny that the post even came through on my news feed. I guess it was just a God thing!


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