Monday, June 21

A Mandala Journey: Circle of Self

Circle of Self Mandala
Circle of Self

Circle of Self 

When I think of the self, I think of the self resting in the cosmos.  And the cosmos resting in the self.  Intertwined and dancing together.  I think of the song, "I've got the whole world in my hands."  And if I was a real artist, I would paint this circle and paint hands holding it.  Holding the self and the cosmos. 

And in my journey of praying with the elements, I am discovering wind.  Last night I watched Angels and Demons, one of the all time worst movies.  However, it is really interesting to think about anti-matter and dark matter.  In the movie, the anti-matter explosion caused tremendously forceful winds.  But not all wind is like that.  I love the little dirt devils.  When I was a child in Colorado, I used to try and find the center of the small dirt devils.  And when they grew large, we just went inside and stayed put and watched in awe as wind played in her backyard.  Great fun! 


water twirls and
and plays when the
wind tickles her.
o lover wind, play with
today!  let the whirling
dervish overcome
senses.  as we blur the lines
ceasing to be
collapsing together
in a hysterical heap
unable to catch
even a small

Journey with me through a creative experience over the next bit where I use mandalas and a specific exercise in “The Mandala Workbook” by Fincher and "Praying with the Elements" by Christine Valters Paintner.


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