Monday, June 14

Christmas Trees

Recycle Tree
UBC Botanical Center Tree Recycling

What does it mean to recycle Christmas trees?

~Another small stone

Driving home today, I saw a sign that said "we recycle Christmas trees, $5."  I began to wonder about the theology of recycling Christmas trees.  Or recycling Christmas trees as a symbol of something else.  Church?  So, I am just going to throw out a few "wondering" questions aka Jerome Berryman.

  • I wonder what it means to recycle your Christmas tree?  Or to recycle Christmas?
  • I wonder what it means to have newness every year during Christmas?
  • I wonder where you see faith in this idea?
  • I wonder where the church is in this cycle?
  • I wonder where you are?!

For me, recycling Christmas can go two ways.  In the recycling process, often new things are created and something wonderful springs.  It directly ties into the theology of resurrection.  However, something moldy can also arise if we recycle (and we have to) and we don't allow new things to happen.  The tree grows shabby, no new ornaments are invited to the party, no surprise is allowed because tradition will show us how to "do it."  In order to keep the newness and the invitation, I believe that we need recycling (resurrection) and we need to be open to new life springing forth in unexpected ways in our lives and in our churches.  Orthodoxy cannot rule.  There has to be room for newness and interpretation or the church will die.  Oops!  It is already happening.  Church membership is on a massive decline.  Faith is in the willingness to be surprised and to be open and permission-giving while providing a supportive platform for recycling.  Lo and behold!  Resurrection is still happening and we still should be surprised and delighted.

Enough of my thoughts...what are your thoughts?

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  • dan

    If I’m open and flowing, I’m also growing,
    If my gifts are hidden, new thoughts forbidden,
    I want to be free, of places like the Dead Sea,
    Each day will be new, filled with promises true,
    Bubbling with life, pouring love over strife,
    Everything in place, after the grace.

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