Monday, June 14

Christmas through the Eyes of the Magi

I have started a series of dramatic readings for Christmas intended to be acted/dramatically read to children.  We are using them during Advent for our God’z Kidz Wednesday night group (Godly Play).  I thought having a dress-up box for the kids to play with fits right in with the Godly Play philosophy.  So, that’s what we’re doing!  I am also writing a little story book for the kids to take home and read the story in a more traditional manner.  If you use these stories, please understand that they are my creative work and I’d like to be credited.

This is the story for the booklet that the kids take home.  The script is here:

One day, after the Magi had been studying very hard, they got together and had a meeting. The Magi gathered were Aêtava, Pouru-jira, Aoshnara, and Pouruchista. Pouru-jira was the father of Aoshnara and the most wise among them.

Pouru-jira told the others, “We have been studying hard. We have looked at the prophecy and studied the stars. And I have news to report. The signs say that the King of the Jews will be born and that we should watch for a star. I have found that star. Are you ready to travel to the King of the Jews, the Messiah?”

All the others said, “Yes!!”

They packed up their things and travelled in a caravan across Persia following the star to the Middle East and near Jerusalem. They asked about town, “Have you heard of the birth of the King of the Jews?”

People ignored the Magi or worse, reported them to the authorities.

King Herod, the Roman King of the Jews, heard about the Magi’s quest. He invited them to his home and asked them, “What is this you are looking for?”

They said, “We are looking for the young child who will be the King of the Jews.”

Herod said, “I haven’t heard of such a thing. Let’s ask the Scribes and Priests.”

Herod called the Scribes and Priests and asked them about the King of the Jews. They told him, and the Magi, that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem according to their ancient prophecy.

Hearing this news, the Magi prepared to leave. Herod asked them to come back after they found the new King.

The Magi then travelled to Bethlehem where they found the young child, Jesus. They knew that he was the one foretold to be the King of the Jews and the Messiah because the star was shining over his house. When they saw him, they gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

After meeting Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, the Magi were preparing to go home. When they were resting, an angel came to them and told them to avoid Herod because Herod wanted to harm Jesus. Then the Magi left and travelled home by a different path.

An angel also told Mary and Joseph about Herod’s plans. Mary and Joseph were startled by the news. They decided to be safe, they would leave and go to Egypt.

Magi names are Ancient Persian names. Pouruchista is a female name while the others are male names.

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