Wednesday, June 23

children of the light

nebulae nurses
collapsing brings new birth
releasing star light

birth of a star
Birth of a Star from NASA

Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of John 12:36-43

P.S.  I mixed up 3/7 with 3/8.  So this is yesterday's reading and yesterday's reading is today's.  I have one defense:  I'm undergoing finals in graduate school right now and have way too many thoughts in my head.  🙂

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Jonathan Stone


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  • We are certainly born-again creatures, under Grace, and filled with the light of the Holy Spirit! Bless you for totally encouraging post! Praying for every success for you in your graduate studies! I know how that is!

  • It matters not … both are important … and perhaps … it was the way it was meant to fall … perhaps a reader (or readers) from reversed days needed your post and the same for the reader of this passage. I remember graduate school days — and you are doing awesome juggling those important commitments with this one! Trust in faith they will turn out well. Namaste ~~ and blessings for a great weekend!

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