children of the light

nebulae nurses
collapsing brings new birth
releasing star light

birth of a star
Birth of a Star from NASA

Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of John 12:36-43

P.S.  I mixed up 3/7 with 3/8.  So this is yesterday's reading and yesterday's reading is today's.  I have one defense:  I'm undergoing finals in graduate school right now and have way too many thoughts in my head.  🙂

People on a Lenten Journey

Lorot Poetry:  Echoes of the Hills

Becca Givens at On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea

Terri at What About God?

Jonathan Stone


Michael (Booguloo)


Roy DeLeon at Expressive Prayer


  1. granbee said on March 9, 2012
    We are certainly born-again creatures, under Grace, and filled with the light of the Holy Spirit! Bless you for totally encouraging post! Praying for every success for you in your graduate studies! I know how that is!
  2. becca givens said on March 10, 2012
    It matters not ... both are important ... and perhaps ... it was the way it was meant to fall ... perhaps a reader (or readers) from reversed days needed your post and the same for the reader of this passage. I remember graduate school days -- and you are doing awesome juggling those important commitments with this one! Trust in faith they will turn out well. Namaste ~~ and blessings for a great weekend!

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